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Do I receive a firearms license after completing the course?

No, to apply for your PAL or RPAL, successful completion of the CFSC and CRFSC is required. Recon Firearms Training offers these courses, but the approval of your application is not within our control.


What is a PAL/RPAL, and what is the CFSC/CRFSC?

  • PAL: Possession Acquisition Licence - The official name of a firearms license in Canada

  • RPAL: Restricted Possession Acquisition Licence - The official name of a Restricted firearms license in Canada

  • CFSC: Canadian Firearms Safety Course - The prerequisite course required to apply for your PAL

  • CRFSC: Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course - The prerequisite course needed to apply for your RPAL


Individuals who wish to acquire or possess firearms or ammunition must be in possession of a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). To obtain a PAL, follow these three steps:


  1. Contact a certified instructor in your area

  2. Take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and, as an added option, the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

  3. Submit your application for your PAL/RPAL with proof of completion of the course to the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program

What are the different classifications of firearms in Canada?

​There are three legal classifications of firearms in Canada:


  1. Non-Restricted: most common rifles and shotguns, with some exceptions

  2. Restricted: handguns, specific rifles and shotguns

  3. Prohibited: obtainable only with special permission

Will firearms be discharged in any classes?

​The discharge (shooting) of firearms does not occur in these courses. Courses are taught with disabled firearms and disabled ammunition as training aids to help you get familiar with handling different types of firearms and ammunition safely.

How difficult are the courses/exams?

​The courses and exams are specifically designed to impart the fundamental knowledge needed for safe firearms handling. Geared towards beginners, no prior expertise is required for success. Our dedicated instructor will lead you through each lesson, ensuring a thorough understanding of every aspect.

What happens if I fail the Exams?

Student who fail the CFSC or CRFSC exams can retake the exam after 24 hours. The retest must take place within 7 days of the original exam. Retests are subject to availability. If the the student is unable to retest within 7 days or fails the retest, The entire course must be taken again. We offer a significant discount on course fees should this ever happen.

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Refund/Cancelation Policy

  • Course Fees: All course fees are non-refundable

  • Cancellation Notice: To avoid a 100% forfeiture of course fees, you must provide at least two business days notice (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm) if you cannot attend your scheduled course

  • Late Cancellation or No-Show: Cancellation or failure to attend your scheduled course without 48 hours notice will result in a 100% forfeiture of your course fees

  • Early Cancellation with Notice: If you provide notice more than two business days before your course starts, you will receive a credit for the amount paid, subject to a $50 transfer fee

  • Illness: If you're unwell, please inform us promptly, and we will reschedule your course to a future date

  • Cancelled Classes: We reserve the right to cancel a class. In the event of a class cancellation, we will provide a full refund of your tuition

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